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Travel Plan Monitoring (iTRACE and TRAVL)



Within London, two tools are used to help implement, and monitor Travel Plans:

  • iTRACE - a Travel Plan management application with an integrated web based survey tool; and
  • TRAVL - multi-modal travel database.


iTRACE is a comprehensive database designed for Borough Travel Plan co-ordinators to record, monitor and report on the performance of Travel Plans. 

The key benefits of iTRACE are:

  • it stores Travel Plan information in a central location;
  • it enables like-for-like comparisons from one to site to next, and from one Borough to the next; and
  • it allows Travel Plan co-ordinators to record, follow-up, and monitor the progress of Travel Plans (with subsequent enforcement if needed).

The software has been developed for WestTrans and was launched across London in November 2006.  By requiring the same common set of data to be captured for each Travel Plan survey, iTRACE allows meaningful reporting and comparison of Travel Plans between sites and across geographical areas.  The ability to easily identify successful Travel Plans allows development of the most cost-effective incentive measures.  Access for all users is through a simple web-based interface.



iTRACExtra is an expansion of the main iTRACE application which provides access (via a simple web-based interface) to an online survey tool available FREE to all organisations developing a Travel Plan. It contains three core elements:

  1. Site Audit survey - questions related directly to an organisation's site;
    e.g.  -how many cycle spaces are available?
            -how many employees work at your site?
    Download a hard copy of 'Site Audit Survey' (.pdf, 178Kb)

  2. Staff/Visitor Travel survey - questions relating to mode of travel to site and behavioural reasoning behind travel choice; to build a baseline mode split and a reflection of the issues faced.
    Click here to download hard copies of 'Specific Surveys' (.pdf, 116Kb)
  3. Analysis and Reporting functionality - taking the often painstaking work out of analysing the Audit and Staff/Visitor Survey data collected so that the organisation can concentrate on the implementation of the measures and initiatives.%amp%nbsp; For an example of outputs, please contact us

TRAVL (Trip Rate Assessment Valid for London)
TRAVL is a unique, multi-modal trip generation database specifically for London.  It is used by planners working on projects across London to estimate the effect of proposed changes in land use on transport patterns.  The database contains survey information for a range of land use types (supermarkets, schools, offices, etc) throughout London.

TRAVL data is used in many Transport Assessments and Travel Plans to estimate the likely impact of new developments.  The 'standardised survey methodology' ensures that Travel Plans are developed using consistent data - this ensures the integrity of iTRACE to be maintained from one Travel Plan to another, site to another, and Borough to another.  For larger planned developments it will be necessary to undertake a site travel survey, ensuring that the TRAVL methodology is strictly followed.

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