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Trial Mailout Postcards

Support for Enterprise was the next step in taking forward our Voluntary Travel Plan Marketing Strategy commissioned in 2007.  The project aimed to target Enterprise scale businesses in the key areas outlined in the strategy through a three step approach.


The first was a series of postcards mailed out over a period of a month, in this case January 2008, under a New Years Resolution theme.  Each postcard represented a different benefit businesses can gain through developing a travel plan; health benefits to staff, reductions in carbon and other emissions and financial savings.


On the back of each postcard was a quote relating to savings made for each benefit from a business with an existing successful travel plan.


The next stage was to directly call each business using the postcards as a talking point and to attempt to arrange a meeting to begin developing a travel plan (stage 3).


The project was fairly unsuccessful with the coinciding recession and many businesses not wishing to take on travel plans on a voluntary basis due to financial and staff time constraints at this time.

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