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"I would definitely suggest getting SU extensively involved"

Exhibition Day

An exhibition is an effective way to promote a multimodal approach to Green Travel.  At an exhibition, a range of providers should be on hand to provide information in a fun and informative way.  It is possible to provide this information using internal resources or to engage with outside exhibitors (detailed list available).




There are many ways in which an Exhibition can be organised, including: 

  • Setting up a series of 'zones' for different modes of travel.  These can include active travel (walking and cycling), public transport and sustainable driving (car clubs, eco-driving skills).
  • Adopting a 'Passport' system to encourage visitors to understand the different modes available in exchange for promotional material or entry into a prize draw.  The passport can be stamped at different exhibitors booths to encourage participation all around.
  • Encouraging visitors to sign up for a Green Travel Pledge which identifies what actions they endeavour to take after attending the exhibition.
  • Arranging a series of 'Challenges' or Competitions throughout the day to encourage students to return or to invite other students to join in on the day.


  • How do the types of exhibitors align with the Travel Plan objectives and strategy? 
  • How can the monitoring measures be captured on the day?

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