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In addition to the Exhibition Day, a number of other activities or events can be organised.  The number and frequency of activities will vary depending on the institution and can be catered towards targeting a specific group by arranging the event at a particular time of year (such as holding events during Freshers week) or in conjunction with other activities (e.g. partnering with an International Students Week, National Bike Week or European Mobility Week).



Incentive Schemes


Incentive schemes are used to encourage participation through providing a reward to those participants who engage in Green Travel activities. Potential ideas include:


Green Travel Breakfast

Hand out vouchers during the morning peak to students and staff who have travelled by sustainable modes to redeem at an on-campus caf facility (cost depends on number of free breakfasts)


Green Travel Challenge

Set up a website for students or groups to log their miles or days committed to Green Travel over the course of a set period of time, rewarding the winner with a prize (cost depends on website set up and moderating, together with cost of prize)



Guided Events


Guided events educate and engage with participants and can ease users who may have avoided a particular mode without being able to be accompanied.  This includes:


  • Led walks, best when part of a theme - such as historic walk or to retail centres, etc (cost depends on provider, if internal or external)
  • Led cycle rides to build up confidence in users along a route (cost depends on provider, if internal or external)





Showcasing is a technique to encourage users how 'cool' a particular mode can be. 


Example events include showcasing: 


BMX stunt bikes or Bike Polo.



Social Engagement


Pub quiz with questions featuring Green Travel or sustainability questions

Treasure Hunts around campus with student groups or organisations to engage with others in search of Green Travel tokens (such as RailCard or Bike Helmet, etc)



Charity Events


Competitions to raise money for a sustainable cause and also awareness of Green Travel.  This could include:


Stationary Bike Racing - for a specific distance or over a 24 hour period of time


Green Travel Triathlon - race utilising active travel, smarter driving and public transport

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