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Examples of a completed report


Reporting forms a key component of the overall monitoring process; providing a synopsis of what progress has been made towards achieving a site's travel plan targets.


A monitoring report template has been produced for iTRACE which will become automatically populated with the coded responses that have been uploaded.


The report can be found on the 'View Reports' section of iTRACE, which falls under 'Manage Audit'. Click the 'Generate report' button, and then click on the Microsoft Word document to open the file.


The document will be partially completed. The analyst must go through the report, making adjustments and determining which information is relevant for their site.


The following provides some additional information on completing the monitoring report:


  • Data collected as part of the site audit and the results of the household travel survey will be included within the report, in a variety of formats.
  • Guidance text for completing the report is included within the report, in red text. To complete the report, add explanatory text throughout, and adjustments can be made to generated text to fit the context of the report.
  • Not everything included in the report will be relevant to every site.
  • Ensure that all key information is included within the report, in particular all information relating directly to the travel plan targets.
  • If the report is for the initial monitoring survey, results should be compared to the predictions made in the original travel plan prepared prior to occupation.
  • If the report is for a follow-up monitoring survey, the results must be compared to those of prior surveys.
  • Include the results of any additional surveys undertaken, a review of the measures that have been introduced and an action plan for taking the Travel Plan forward.

Once the monitoring report has been completed, it must be submitted to the borough officer for their review. Once the report has been approved by the borough officer and the audit has been closed on iTRACE, the monitoring process is complete.

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