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Survey preparation

The first stage of the monitoring process is the survey preparation. This involves adding the development site's details into iTRACE and completing a site audit.


iTRACE set-up


The borough officer will add the development site details into iTRACE. This process requires the completion of the Site Details Form, a hard copy of which can be downloaded from the downloads box to the right.


The Site Details Form asks for basic details about the development and its travel plan, and should be completed by the borough officer. In some circumstances, they may request assistance from the developer/site manager in completing the form.


The basic process is:

  • The borough officer completes Site Details From with input from developer/site manager
  • The borough officer will supply a username and password to the developer/site manager for iTRACE
  • The borough office will outline the required response rate for the survey (dependent on the size of the development)

Once the iTRACE set-up has been completed, a site audit form must be completed.


Site audit


The purpose of the site audit is to collect and collate information about the accessibility of the site, its surroundings and the services available.

The site audit can be completed with a basic knowledge of the site and the information provided within the site's travel plan. The steps for completing the site audit are:

  • Log in to iTRACE with the user name and password provided by the borough officer
  • Under 'Manage audit', click 'Complete the Audit Questionnaire'
  • Complete the required information for each Section. Once the required information is entered, a green tick will appear.
  • Once complete, submit the audit to the borough officer for review
  • If acceptable, the borough officer will accept the site audit, the status will be labelled as 'Complete' and it will be possible to upload the results of the household survey

Further instructions can be found on the iTRACE website.


A hard copy of the Site Audit Form can be downloaded from the green downloads area at the top of this page.

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