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Monitoring process overview

The monitoring process


WestTrans have developed a methodology for monitoring travel plans for residential developments. This methodology allows developers and borough officers to determine existing travel patterns to the site and see how this compares to other sites across London.


The monitoring process is composed of four basic steps:

  • Survey preparation
  • Household travel survey
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

This website provides the guidance and materials required to complete these four steps, using the online tool iTRACE.


iTRACE is a specially developed tool for monitoring travel plans across London and the UK. Most boroughs will require the monitoring process to be iTRACE-compliant. A detailed iTRACE compliancy statement has been prepared and is available for download from this page.


The survey process takes approximately 6 weeks. All work can be done independently but a survey company or transport consultancy can also assist in the survey process. The costs for assistance will vary depending on the size of your site and the type of assistance required.


Getting started


The first step is to discuss the monitoring process with your borough officer. The borough officer will provide assistance throughout the monitoring process and will clearly outline the required outputs from the process.


Some Travel Plans require other surveys in addition to the household travel survey. The specific monitoring requirements will be defined by the borough officer or within the planning obligation statement or approved travel plan related to the site. Additional details on some commonly required supplemental surveys can be found here.


Contact WestTrans directly, or if not in the WestTrans region then please contact your local borough officer.

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