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WestTrans Travel Plans works with your employer to make your daily commute cheaper, faster and more sustainable.  If you have ever experienced the following:


  • wanted to try travel by bike but feel unsafe on the roads,
  • would like the opportunity to receive a season ticket loan to reduce your annual travel costs or
  • just want to know all your travel options, Cycling

this is how a travel plan will aim to work for you!


Travel plans ultimately aim to reduce congestion and emissions such as CO which are harmful to the environment, but if the organisation you work for implements a travel plan, there are also a range of benefits to you as an employee, for example;


  • If your employer offers a season ticket loan you could be saving hundreds of pounds on public transport costs by purchasing an annual season ticket rather than monthly or weekly. 
  • A travel plan will frequently recommend cycle training for anyone wishing to try travel by bike (remember, cycling is completely free and is proven to frequently be faster for getting around in London than car or bus!).  Cycle training increases your confidence on the road, teaching you to cycle assertively and safely.
  • The dedicated travel plan coordinator at your organisation will be able to help you to discover your full range of travel options, including the fastest, cheapest or most convenient routes, even if you need to drop off children or like to go shopping before or after work!

To encourage your employer to develop a travel plan, why not ask them to Contact Us!


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