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"Being offered the chance to try out cycling with all the appropriate gear has been fantastic. It's such a good opportunity to give cycling a go. Such independence and freedom, I am no longer spending money and time on public transport. I am sure many other are, like me, now ready to make the financial commitment as we know how easy and rewarding it is. Thanks so much for getting us started!"

Cycling is the most efficient way to get around London, frequently faster than bus or car in busy areas!  But perceived safety, expense and confidence issues often prevent people from travelling in this way. 


From July to September 2009 (coinciding with the beginning of Bike Week), WestTrans will be piloting a Cycle Loan scheme in Brent, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow which will allow staff at the organisations we are working with to 'Try Cycling' for up to three months with free bicycles, equipment and cycle training.  Once the three month period is over, if staff have enjoyed their free trial, they may then choose to purchase the second-hand bike they have used and all other equipment at a discounted price. 



The objective of the programme was to encourage staff from participating companies or council employees to 'Try Cycling to Work' with the aim of converting a significant proportion into regular cycle commuters.  The scheme had the capacity for 50 individuals.


What makes this initiative different?

~ A practical measure that makes it easy for a significant number of employees to 'Try Cycling to Work'.

~ A comprehensive package that aims to take away ALL the barriers that have prevented employees to cycle to work in the past and also offer full support from route planning and safety advice to full cycle  training.

~ An easily replicable programme which leads itself to wide scale implementation.

~ Easily measurable and quantifiable results.



Cycle Loan Scheme Poster


Main Components of the Programme

~ The comprehensive 'package' allows individuals to try cycling to work with a high degree of support and at no cost to themselves. The typical barriers that stop people have all been removed, making it easy for them to give it a go.

~ A structured timetable centred around a 4 week challenge period during which participants tried cycling to work for at least half their journeys.

~ Provision of cycle training to those who have not cycled before or who just wished to learn how to cycle more confidently on the road.

~ Provision of quality bikes and equipment with the ability to choose the style of bike.

~ A package of support measures to deal with any maintenance or other issues during the challenge period.

~ The option to buy bikes and equipment at a discount at the end of the Programme.

~ A comprehensive project management approach that minimises the time and effort of both our client and the work place involved.


Results of the Pilot So Far

- 22 people out of the capacity for 50 have so far requested training. CTUK has delivered or booked training for 10 participants.
- 51 participants are completing their on-line cycling diaries
- 3,156 miles have been cycled
- Two participants have cycled over 200 miles so far; a further eight over 100 miles


"I have missed one week of cycling because of training somewhere else, but started again this week. To be honest with you it is hard to go back to bus or tube after experiencing cycling to work. Thanks for introducing this amazing program. I am enjoying it so much."



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