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WestTrans Travel Plan's primary objective is to work with workplace travel plans.  Provision is also made through local borough councils and Transport for London to manage school travel plans, but as yet, sites 'in-between' such as colleges and universities are provided no support or incentives to develop travel plans for staff and students.  Yet, at this age, students are legally allowed to drive and are making their first steps towards car ownership.


The HE/FE Review undertaken this year set out to identify each and every higher education site within West London and, if they had a travel plan, find out its status and make recommendations for taking the travel plan forward.


Ten sites were identified in the WestTrans region and detailed information on status was gathered.  The site coordinators also expressed an interest in having a dedicated Higher and Further Education Travel Plan forum through which they could share best practice, solve issues and gain expert advice on the further development of their travel plans.


As a result of this project, iTRACE, the standard tool used to develop and monitor travel plans in London, is now up to date with the details of these HE/FE site travel plans and will allow for successful monitoring in the future.  Site coordinators are also now aware of WestTrans and will recieve support as and when they need it.  A dedicated forum is also hoped to be running by October 2009.

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