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Our Development Control Project aimed to locate all existing developer travel plans within the sub-region and make contact with at least 60% of the dormant travel plans to re-engage and take the plans forward.


Following on from this project, we quite promptly recognised a need for a toolkit which would allow travel plans written under DC obligations to include more accurate trip predictions, thereby including more realistic targets.  The toolkit would also include case studies of best practice examples and most importantly would lay out the legalities for securing bonds from developers which can be used in the event the travel plan does not achieve its targets to fund other sustainable transport initiatives.


This project was undertaken by WSP consultants in mid-2008 and included a highly successful stakeholder event to which borough transport planners and planners, Transport for London, legal advisors and other key stakeholders were invited.  The project has allowed these stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of what they can ask of developers when requesting a travel plan, and more importantly, how to legally secure obligations.

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