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Why do a Travel Plan?

Companies implement travel plans because they have proven business benefits.  Not only can they save companies money and improve the health of their employees, they can also solve problems like lack of parking or poor accessibility.



Cost savings for your business

Effectively managing your organisation's journeys will reduce costs associated with business travel (like staff expenses, car park charges, Congestion Charging and fleet management costs), saving your organisation money and time.


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A more attractive employer

Providing and encouraging travel options will help you improve staff retention and recruitment by making your organisation even more employee focused. By positively supporting your employees' needs, they will be more satisfied and more productive.



Achieve carbon reduction

Enhance your environmental credentials by being part of the solution that will make a local and global difference.

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A healthier, more productive workplace

Promoting active travel options like walking and cycling will improve the motivation, health and fitness of your employees - this improves productivity and reduces sickness absence.




More travel options for your business

By promoting greater travel choices, you'll enhance your core business prospects by giving employees, visitors and customers more ways of reaching you. It will also help alleviate car parking pressures at your site.


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Be an employer of choice

Demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility, you'll build a better reputation with staff, key stakeholders and across your local community.




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