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Measures - Cycling


  • Support national initiatives to promote what you are doing, such as Bike to Work Week
  • If feasible, move cycle racks nearer to the main entrance. Show the cyclists you value them and make a statement to visitors
  • Offer a cycle allowance for business trips, and even a walking allowance
  • Set up a Bike User Group (BUG) amongst staff to engage them in decisions made about cycling schemes, infrastructure, events etc.

A Staff Travel Survey (see iTRACE) is a good way to establish current cycling levels and possible demand for cycling (under the right conditions).  Generally speaking, staff living within five miles are potential cycle commuters.


The travel survey can also be used to assess levels of satisfaction with existing cycle facilities and can help to identify the barriers to cycling.  This will help to plan and prioritise measures as well as identify new measures which could be introduced to cater for potential cyclists (both employees and customers).


Cycling is an easy way to introduce physical activity into everyday life. Regular exercise reduces stress and heart disease and can improve the general health of employees, resulting in reduced sickness levels.  These key benefits should be promoted to staff.


What can be done to increase cycling?

  • Provide safe, secure and covered cycle parking;
  • Establish Bicycle User Groups (BUGs);
  • Provide 'pool bikes' (folding bikes make excellent pool bikes, especially as they can be used easily on journeys combined with public transport);
  • Provide lockers, changing/ drying facilities and showers;
    Offer financial incentives such as interest-free bicycle loans, discounts for bicycle purchase and preferential cycle insurance rates;
  • Provide a cycle mileage allowance to enable financial reimbursement for staff cycling on company business;
  • Promote and publicise cycling - consider producing a cycle map identifying potentially safe cycle routes to your premises;
  • Liaise with your local authority to identify the potential for improving cycle links to your site; and
    Consider other initiatives, e.g. a puncture repair service, provision of a 'spares box' for cyclists.

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