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BSkyB - Growing its Workforce, Cutting down on Parking!


BSkyB FlyerEven though leading entertainment and media company BSkyB continues to expand its workforce, it is managing to cut down on parking at the same time. The company  employs around 6,000 people at its Osterley headquarters, where not only is activity very diverse but it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and many staff work shifts. Added to this, public transport in the area is in need of improvement, and walking and cycle routes could be better too. Nevertheless, the company is successfully reducing the demand for parking spaces at the site.

To achieve this BSkyB has built on its existing strong environmental ethos. It was the first media company to become Carbon neutral and so staff were already familiar with the concept of taking action to reduce the impact of the business on the environment. BSkyB developed a travel plan to address travel and transport matters and incorporated it into its highly successful corporate social responsibility programme known as 'The Bigger Picture'.

Several strategies were used to achieve staff buy-in. These included:

  • A sustained media campaign to advise staff of changes well in advance of implementation;

  • On-site facilities, such as showers and cycle parking, for walkers and cyclists were improved;

  • A high frequency shuttle bus service was introduced, with buses running to five different public transport stations;

  • Car sharing was promoted;

  • Staff were offered cycle training; and

  • Personal travel planning to identify the best travel options for an individual's commute to work was introduced.

The travel plan was launched during Bike Week 2007 and a review will take place in 2008.

"During Bike Week 2007 the number of cyclists increased by close to 66% and car sharing increased from 0.5% to 2.3%."

Samira Ahmed, Head of Transport Strategy

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