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Hounslow's Learning and Skills Council (LSC) is responsible for planning and funding high quality education for adults and young people in West London that are not at university.  Its thirty-six staff are based in the LSC's office, conveniently located for bus and underground services.   


The LSC cannot install any new facilities in its leased premises,  such as showers or cycle parking, to make sustainble travel more attractive to staff.  Instead, it has had to find alternative measures to entice staff away from their cars.  Through the travel plan process, the LSC realised the benefits of active travel to the indivudual. 

 People walking

Active travel is another term for sustainable travel, as cycling and walking use more energy than simply driving to work.  Even using public transport is a form of active travel if it is combined with a brisk walk to the bus stop or station.  Research has shown that through daily, regular exercise staff improve their fitness, are less prone to illness and generally feel better.  Not only is this good for the individuals concerned, but it is good for their employer too with higher productivity and better morale. 


The LSC has ensured the travel plan and its active travel measures are well understood and integrated among staff through various actions.  These include:


  • Ensuring it is on the agenda of the Directors' Meeting and Staff Improvements Group;
  • Raising awareness through promotional items such as towels and water bottles;
  • A high profile pedometer challenge; and
  • Cycle training offers.

Now, Hounslow LSC is helping its staff as well as its clients to improve their lifestyle. 


"The pedometer challenge and cycle training has seen staff relate their fitness to the way they travel and has helped raise awareness of the travel plan." 


Edwin Addis, Partnership Manager, Learning and Skills Council

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