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Ikea - A Worldwide Travel Plan

IKEA Wembley opened in 1988 as IKEAs second UK store offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home and furnishings products.  The store is over 30,000 square metres in size, employs 650 staff and attracts 3,500,000 customers each year. 


IKEA has a worldwide travel plan in order to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with visitors and staff travelling to and from their stores.  There is no formal travel plan document adopted at the Wembley store, but instead a collection of initiatives targeted at reducing car journeys to the store. 


IKEA was losing potential revenue from customers who were unable to park in an overcrowded car park and who faced difficult journeys to the store by alternative means.  The store wanted to increase the accessibility of the site, as well as meet the objectives of the corporate Social and Environmental Strategy.

 Car Sharing

Each store is given a Transport Toolbox to aid implementation of green travel initiatives.  An annual visitor/customer survey is undertaken to inform the initiatives identified, and an Environmental Specialist is on the staff to take forward all environmental initiatives relating to the store.  National targets exist (15% of customers accessing the store by sustainable transport modes in 2009) which the Wembley store exceeds with over 20% doing so.


IKEA has worked in partnership with the sub regional coordinator in negotiating with different parties over the introduction of the shuttle bus. 


Awareness raising of the new shuttle service from Stonebridge Park has been extensive with major billboards advertising alternative ways to travel to IKEA Wembley at the tube station.  IKEA branded tube maps have also been developed.


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