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Diageo - a Threefold Increase in the Number of Cyclists


When car parking was reduced at leading drinks company Diageo's headquarters in Park Royal, it affected a large number of employees who were used to travelling to work by car.  For this to become acceptable to them a culture change was necessary.


A Green Travel Scheme was developed to make sustainable alternatives to driving, such as cycling, more attractive.   The Scheme was introduced as part of the company's wider commitment to reducing the office's environmental footprint.  Diageo made sure staff were fully engaged in the process and also that they understood the link between the Scheme and the company's commitment to the local community and environmental sustainability.


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To support the Scheme some changes were made.  These included:


  • The appointment of a Green Travel Co-ordinator to act as a single point of contact on all transport matters for staff;
  • Improved cycle parking and complimentary towels in the showers for cyclists;
  • Preferential treatement for car sharers;
  • The introduction of flexible working policies; and
  • A controlled parking scheme for single occupancy drivers.


The outcome has been a tripling in the cyclist population and a daily reduction of 150 cars coming on site.


"We have received positive feedback from our employees who feel an increased sense of pride because we are doing 'the right thing' for both the community and the environment.  All in all, we are pleased with the progress we have made since our Green Travel Scheme's inception, and we will continue to improve and refine it over time."


Vanessa Williamson, Head of Employee and Community Engagement, Diageo Great Britain



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