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Journey Latin America - A Shift from Car to Cycle Travel


Chiswick based, Journey Latin America (JLA) is a specialist travel company employing 75 staff. It offers a full range of services to travellers to Central and Latin America and was already committed to sustainble travel before embarking on developing the JLA Travel Plan. Staff were willing or interested in cycling to work but lacked the confidence or motivation to do so. Instead a large number of them commuted by car.

JLA started the travel plan process by conducting a staff survey to identify the best measures to introduce at its site. In order to engage staff, a great deal of effort went into making sure the questions were right. After analysing the responses, a number of initiatives were put in place. These included:Enterprise Guide


  • A strong awareness raising campaign including prizes and giveaways, as well as posters emphasising the health benefits of cycling;

  • Quality 'Sheffield' cycle stands;

  • A 1:1 cycle training scheme;

  • Cycle breakfasts;

  • Improved security; and

  • Improved showers and facilities for drying clothes and equipment.


Through a sustained dialogue with staff on the benefits, JLA made sure an open-minded approach to sustainable travel was fostered and so was able to achieve a willing shift away from the car. From fifteen irregular cyclists before the travel plan's introduction, JLA now has around twenty regular cyclists. There has even been a day when the car park has been empty.

"In two sessions my confidence on the bike has sky-rocketed. I now cycle to work everyday, tackling traffic lights, roundabouts and junctions. I now know how to keep myself safe on roads and how to make my intentions clear to other road-users and how to make sure my bike is safe to ride on the roads. "

- A recent convert to cycling following cycle training

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