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Halcrow Group Ltd is a multi-disciplinary transport, planning, engineering and nvironmental consultancy with a global presence.

The company has two offices located in Hammersmith with around 720 staff between them.  Both sites are covered by their travel plan.  Travel issues are an important concern for Halcrow employees, particularly those based in London, and with environmental issues hitting the headlines,awareness of sustainable travel has never been higher.  Halcrow's aim of sustaining and improving the quality of people's lives involves not only improving the working environment and facilities for staff, but understanding the impact of company activities on the environment and improving their environmental performance as well.


The Travel Plan was produced with assistance from WestTrans and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham through Transport for London's A new way to work: Corporate initiative. In addition to a site assessment and review of existing employee travel patterns, the plan includes a package of alternative travel options, including current rail and bus routes, timetabling information, local travel incentives, and Halcrow schemes such as season ticket loans. 


The plan also documents targets over a three year period, including increasing cycling by 3% and walking by 5% as well as more unusual targets of increasing staff awareness of the Travel Plan from 0% to 100% and to increase the amount of secure cycle parking by 50% from 32 to 48 spaces.

Halcrow follow the sustainable transport events calendar closely and regularly  participate in national and regional events such as Walk to Work Week and Bike Week.  Current progress includes:


- 20 additional cycle stands have been installed
- 50 people attended an 'active travel breakfast' during the company sustainable
  travel week
- 17 members of staff have taken up the tax-free cycle to work scheme
-  Launch of new formal homeworking policy to reduce the need to travel.


"I bought a bike through the tax-free bike scheme, and now I cycle almost every day.  It saves me 80-90 a month in tube fares and cuts my journey time by 15 minutes as well as keeping me fit"


- Employee at Halcrow




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