Travel Plan Benefits

What is a Travel Plan?

Travel plans are documents that outline how travel to a development site will be managed, with an emphasis on promoting the use of sustainable modes of transport. It is a strategy to increase the share of sustainable trips and reduce the share of single-occupancy car trips to and from a development.

For every development site where a Travel Plan has been required, a Travel Plan Coordinator needs to be appointed, i.e. someone who will be in charge of monitoring and implementing the Travel Plan at the site.

Travel Plans are secured through the planning process (as a planning condition or planning obligation) and involve a long-term commitment to promoting sustainable mobility. Occupiers who subsequently fail to implement, monitor or review their travel plan will be in breach of the terms of their Planning Permission. If it is considered there has been a breach of planning condition/obligation this could result in enforcement or legal action being taken by the Local Planning Authority.

WestTrans makes sure Travel Plans are implemented in 5 West London boroughs: Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, Hounslow.

How can a Travel Plan benefit me?


  • Solve issues with parking on and around your site
  • Cost savings for both the business and the employees
  • Have a healthier, more punctual, and more productive workforce
  • Become a more attractive workplace and find/keep the individuals you need
  • Improve the company’s image by enhancing your environmental credentials

Residential buildings

  • Solve issues with parking on and around your site
  • Build more units as parking becomes less needed
  • Enable safer streets
  • Provide a child-friendly and generally more desirable environment
  • Encourage interactions between residents and thus enhance neighbourhood vitality
  • Improve residents’ health and local air quality

Community/Leisure facilities

  • Solve issues with parking on and around your site
  • Enhance neighbourhood vitality
  • Increase levels of basic physical activity

Faith sites

  • Solve issues with parking on and around your site
  • Contribute to neighbourhood vitality
  • Reduce congestion-induced stress
  • Increase levels of basic physical activity
  • Become a more inclusive community
  • Find ways to include the whole community