What should a Travel Plan contain?

Travel Plans should contain the following sections as a minimum:

  1. Site description including address, planning reference, location map, and details of the site
  2. Baseline travel data including survey methodology
  3. Targets for the site to increase active and sustainable travel
  4. Action plan showing measures the site will use to achieve their targets. This should include timescales and responsibilities for each measure.
  5. Monitoring and review section stating the TPC contact details (interim details must be provided as a minimum) and the monitoring schedule including methodology (trip rate or iTrace).
  6. Remedial Action. This explains what more can be tried if the targets are not met at the end of the TP.

For more detailed guidance, you should also view the TfL Travel Plan Guidance before starting to write your Travel Plan: https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/urban-planning-and-construction/travel-plans

If you have any queries about Travel Plans please contact the relevant borough officer or the WestTrans Travel Plan Monitoring Officer.