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WestTrans Travel Plans Annual report 2010/11


Our Annual Report is now available for download below.
Foreword from Nick O'Donnell
Travel planning has had a difficult year in the UK, with travel planning and wider 'Smarter Choices' budgets in all sectors feeling the pinch. In some regions this has meant that challenging transport targets and green aspirations have been quietly shelved to cut costs, meaning that years of sustained effort - and real progress - in this area could go to waste.
Fortunately the outlook in West London is much brighter. West London boroughs are committed to mitigating the environmental effects of transport and reducing congestion, and their aspirations remain ambitious. 2010/11 has seen the WestTrans team focused on the delivery of a range of projects which have sought to deliver real quality of output through challenging targets, measurable outcomes and lasting project legacies.
Our core activities have remained the same. For organisations already involved with WestTrans in a voluntary capacity, our team has continued to provide quality advice and support, helping Travel Plan Co-ordinators with fresh approaches to travel planning. For organisations engaged through the development control process, we've been even more focused on quality, ensuring that the commitment to a statutory travel plan does not end with planning permission: making sure plans are monitored and targets are met is our priority.
The results we have achieved this year are testament to our commitment to travel planning. Among businesses WestTrans has worked with there has been a reduction in single-occupancy car use of 12%, and a 4% increase in bicycle use. These results, together with examples of our innovative projects, are described in further detail in this year's annual report.
Nick O'Donnell
Assistant Director of Strategic Transport, Ealing Council and Chair of WestTrans Partnership

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